Obstructive Sleep Apnea is again linked to cardiovascular disease

Obstruction Sleep Apnea (OSA) triples the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.  CD59, a protective protein has been shown to be reduced in OSA patients. This protein helps to block the inflammatory process within the heart.  The endothelial cells that line our blood vessels store CD59 to prevent vascular injury.  Hypoxia associated with OSA, severely reduces […]

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Excessive Sleepiness in OSA: Is it more then an Airway Problem?

Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnea may lead to neurological damage that may cause persistent fatigue even after corrective treatment. In a study by Joo EY Tae/ Sleep, it showed brain damage to the areas thought to be responsible for wakefulness. These particular regions are quite sensitive to low levels of oxygen and can be damaged as […]

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