Device Feels too Bulky?

Trim device as follows:

reduce the size of lower device

Boil water in a microwave.  Then place the back end of lower device into the water until it turns clear and then remove.  Use a sharp scissors to remove the plastic behind the wings. Dip back in water for 10 sec and then replace in mouth.   After 1 minute remove and replace several times.  Leave in the mouth for 2 minutes, until it sets. 

Hold device in hot water

Excess plastic on the upper palate or lower floor of the mouth can be removed by holding the bottom of the device into 175-degree water until the edges of plastic turn clear. (approx. 30sec).  Trim the excess, then dip again in water for 10 sec.  Insert in mouth and use finger to mold around the teeth.  Remove and replace after 1 min.  Let harden in mouth for 2 minutes.