Helpfull Suggestions from a recent customer

From Paul XXXXX

I’m really happy with how my device came out. I heated up and re-molded the uppers three times and the lowers twice. I also heated up the outer wings of the uppers to add some plastic above the post so my cheek wouldn’t get pinched. I also cut off extra squeeze out and reheated the device a bit so the edges where I cut it with a knife were more rounded.

Here are some pictures:

Here are a few things that I would have found useful to know before I started.

  • Describing the properties of the four materials used in the kit would be useful (the metal, and the three types of plastic: the plastic that remains near solid when heated, the plastic part of the molded device that becomes soft and sticky when heated, and the beads of plastic)

The metal used in the the screw and cam plate is made of super stainless steel. The green plastic parts are not thermoplastic, so it will hold its shape even in the hot water. The white plastic attached to the green components are thermoplastic so they will deform in the hot water. The plastic beads will become very soft and sticky when heated. It will attach strongly to the other white plastic and easily mold around your teeth. Dr. H

  • The device looks small when you first receive it, but it becomes very flexible when heated and will fit most mouths
  • Getting the device to mold properly takes some effort, but you can reheat it and remold it multiple times to get it right.

Consider reheating only the portion of the mouthpiece that did not mold properly. If necessary, it is possible to remold the entire device. Dr. H

  • There are more plastic beads than you will probably need. It will squeeze out and you can cut it when while still soft with a sharp knife or sissors.
  • I would suggest using about a third of the beads when you mold each splint and use the remainder to fill in missing parts if needed
  • Showing the kit with an example of a completed device would be helpful. That way you can show how it stretches to fit your mouth
  • When you receive the device, it will not fit in your mouth properly. You will need to heat it up in 170 degree water. When you heat it up, most of the plastic in the device will get very soft and pliable. Some of the plastic, like the wings and the a section near the front are made of a harder plastic. The wings need to be hard so they engage with the stainless steel screws in the uppers. There is also a section of hard plastic near the front so the device will hold it’s shape while you are molding it. 

This is how the device can change shape and size. Dr. H