Return Policy


Return of the product will be accepted within 30 days of the purchase as long as the initial molding was performed with the help of our experienced support team.  The support takes around 30-45 minutes.  There is no charge for this service.    A 24hr cancelation notification required or charged $25 to reschedule.   If for any reason you are not happy just send it back to the appropriate address.   Then email us with the return USPS tracking number to receive the refund.

Molding the mouthpiece yourself forfeits your ability to receive a refund.  30 day trials will be charged the $110 balance if molded without support.  If you experience problems during molding our video support staff will still be available.   A free replacement mouthpiece will be provided if needed.   To request support, return or a refund, please send an email to www.sleepmd.net.    The product has a six month warranty on structual integretry.


Full refunds will be provided to qualified orders within the continental USA.  Qualified international orders will receive the purchase price ($129.00), less the cost of the shipping.   You must return the item back in order to receive a refund.  Trial period fee is not refundable.  Contact us by Email and formally request a refund.  We will respond by email with the appropriate address to return the device.  Email the new tracking number to contact@sleepmd.net.