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 by Andrew
Great oral appliance

I’ve had OSA for years and many oral appliances and CPAP machines. This is just as good or better than the very expensive oral appliances I have had in the past and so much more affordable. Easy to get started and has been holding up very well and making me sleep much better, no snoring

 by Brian S
I can't recommend this mouthpiece enough.

I have severe sleep apnea and was tethered to a CPAP machine for years, but have had extreme difficulty sleeping with it. I've been a patient of Dr. Hamburg for many years and his oral appliances have allowed me to give up the CPAP, while still getting quality sleep. Sleep studies I've had while wearing the oral appliance validate they work.
Molding the SleepMd mouthpiece was easy once I read the included instructions and watched the video on the SleepMd site. Any questions I've had, Dr. Hamburg responded immediately with the answers. I find the mouthpiece comfortable, and if they ever feel a little tight on my teeth, I run them under hot water from the tap and they're fine again.
I can't say enough how this made vacationing and traveling for work so much easier without having to pack the CPAP machine. The case of the SleepMD mouthpiece is about the size of a hockey puck and easily fits in my carry-on bag. I can't recommend this mouthpiece enough to my fellow sleep apnea sufferers.

 by Russ Maki
It works!

I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea. I hated the thought of being chained to a CPAP, and my dentist quoted me a cost of $3300 for a custom oral device. I found SLEEPMD online, thinking I would see if a mouthpiece would be effective before paying thousands of dollars for a custom device.
I requested a trial and got a Zoom consultation with Dr. Hamburg for the fitting process. After a week, I filed off some excess plastic on the device that was bothering me a bit. But after Night 1, I felt rejuvenated when I woke up in the morning.
The best news is that my sleep clinic confirms that my nighttime oxygen level has increased significantly and my sleep apnea is within acceptable levels. I'll stick with Dr. Hamburg's device and refrain from paying thousands to my dentist.

 by Sal Mastro
Best in the market to date!

No BS! Ive tried them all. Wasted allot of $$.
This product works and is the best. Dr. Hamburg Is the best! Helped me with the mold over the phone.

 by Anthony Iori
Feeling Renewed in the Morning

I used this product to replace an old prescription oral appliance. It's very customizable, and I get get a restorative night's sleep without it!

 by Greg Young
Success with SleepMD

This was the third brand of snoring device that I tried. The others did not work well at all. SleepMD stays in place, allows your mouth to open and you can even speak. It eliminated my snoring at the lowest setting. If it had not, I would have heard about it from my wife. Your jaw muscles may take time to adjust long term and in the morning for a bit after removal. It requires careful following of instruction and some tweaking but instructions, video and support are available. I'm buying a backup to have on hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 by Berhan Kifle
Sleepmd Appliance

High quality product, easy to mold and use. Best customer service I have experienced. Thank you Dr. Hamburg!

Thanks Berham !

 by Wes
No issues whatsoever!

I did plenty of research before buying the product, as my wife said she was tired of me waking her up several times per night snoring so I had to find something, and it was very clear that setup was going to be the difficult part of your product but I liked the overall features compared to other brands. I had some minor issues with the lower tray fitting properly but all I had to do was soak it in the warm water again and place it back over my lower teeth a second time. After that it fit perfect and I was able to set the cams for my jaw. First night using it I slept all night with no discomfort and my wife was super happy when she woke up stating that she did not wake up once because of my snoring. I have been wearing it every night, comfortably, and she says she has yet to hear a noise from me while I sleep…. Which also means she is sleeping better and now everyone is happy.

Thank you for following up. I do appreciate the concern and taking time to make sure everything is working as it should.

Wes Barone

 by Alan Spence
Best Device Available Online!

I've tried most of the top rated snoring devices, and this is easily the best. I used several different MAD devices and two different tongue stabilizing devices. They all stopped me from snoring, but they also either came off during the night or were just too uncomfortable. In particular, the other MAD devices were single piece devices, and your teeth only stay in place in them as long as you clench your teeth.

Dr. Hamburg's device consists of an upper and lower splint that stay in place all night. It's designed and functions much like the custom devices that require fitting by a dentist and cost several thousand dollars. I haven't seen anything else like it available like it online.

Setup is a little bit more difficult than it was for some of the one-piece devices, but Dr. Hamburg was able to help with that. I sent him an email and he called me back to talk me through it.

Like the other devices, it does take a little time to get used to going to sleep with it in your mouth. When I wake up, however, I don't even realize it's there, and I have no jaw or tooth soreness.

I would strongly recommend this device to anyone with a snoring issue. I have some mild apnea, and I believe this device has also corrected that, although I'm following up on that with my doctor.

 by Mark C
legit- thanks!

It worked for me on the first day. My only complaint is my own fault regarding reading and comprehending the instructions. I molded it a little goofy and it looks weird. However, that is on me. My wife rated me an 8/10 on loudness. now down to a 2-4. Positioning w some upper shoulder support seems to help me. I did not experience jaw pain after use. Felt like falling asleep w a retainer or fighter's mouth guard. It was tricky to stay in lower jaw overbite protruding position for the molding phase. but it seemed to work. I think the measurement of beads could be better. I believe a sports mouthpiece comes with gel in tube form already, but not certain if it is the same exact material. For $129? it is a no-brainer. He did this for us regular guys.Working on a before an after video...w sound measurements and decibel readings...

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