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by Allan V. on SleepMD
Game changer for me!

My dentist wants $3,000 for this same thing... I mean, does that not say enough? My dentist's version had 4 wings, the Doc's has 2 wings and 2 bearings/wheels. Works exactly the same for a fraction of the cost.

Please pay CAREFUL attention to the instructions while molding your new product. Read the instructions over once or twice. He has some youtube videos as well if you're into that. Me being really excited and all, well... I rushed, f@#$ed mine up and had to reach out to the Doc.

Let me just say the man's customer service is LEGIT! I got an email back shortly after reaching out to him. We exchanged a few emails, and he actually called me to walk me through the process... I was treated as a person, it was super refreshing!

I've been using it pretty consistently for a few months. I can go to bed late, wake up early and hit the ground running. I'm not dozing off in the car anymore. I don't crash after lunch. My girlfriend can rest now because I'm not dying in my sleep beside her haha! Dare I say, I feel rested for the first time in a long time?! Thanks, Doc!!!!

Thanks Allen and happy to hear that it works so well for you. I am glad you contacted me after having difficulty molding. Most people never do and just return it. Dr. H

by Brian S on SleepMD

Thanks... I got it molded and using it every night.  It works great. Molding process was pretty straightforward, but had one typo... instructions online said water temp should be 120 degrees, but that wasn’t hot enough to turn the plastic clear or melt the beads.

I checked the previous SnoreLab scores from November, without my Mouthpiece, to this week with the new mouthpiece... it works great! I can’t believe I used the stupid CPAP that entire time.

Thanks again. I’m going to order a spare so I have it handy...


Great to hear

by Steve B on SleepMD
I am so glad!

I am so glad this product is offered again.  I had the NuSleep version, which I am not sure is any different, for a year or so until it naturally was was time to replace and I searched all over to order a new one but could not find it and was left having to try another product that works okay but but with it being one piece I notice that I sometimes will wake up and my bottom jaw is out making it useless.  I have tried them all from the tongue stabilizer to the various other mouthpiece brands but two separate pieces make a world of difference and I'll be ordering a new device up asap.

Thanks for your comments. The new device is much sturdier and injection molded for much improved component intergration. Design improvements also incorperated. Dr. H

by Christopher C on SleepMD

I bought this product approximately 3 months ago and it works great.

Thanks Chris

by Omkar D on SleepMD

I have been using the SleepMD mouthpiece for a week and half now. I have not seen any progress in terms of reduction in my snoring. On the other hand, I have observed a slight increase in my snore score in SnoreLab application I have used to keep track of my sleep.

Omkar, sorry to hear that. Make sure you have the lower jaw protruded 80% of maximum extension. If you still snore then you may need Cpap and should have a sleep test by your physician.

by Paul P on SleepMD
. Love the product. It works!

It has stopped my snoring and I feel a lot better and have a ton of more energy because im not startling awake at night. Love the product. It works. Thanks, Paul.

by Tim Mc on SleepMD
So excited about this new device

I am so excited about this new device. I really can’t sleep without it. The older device worked perfectly but has fallen apart due to use and time.

by Art K on SleepMD
I love your product!

I love your product. I have been using it for almost a year. It's the best I have ever used, and I have tried several. Most effective and comfortable of all your competitors . Recently, it broke and the doctor was kind enough to replace it at no charge. Thanks Doc!

Thanks Art

by Louie B on SleepMD
The only device I have used that works!

"I have used the zen Sleep, the Good Morning Sleep system, the SnoreRX, nasal strips, nasal dilatory, other tongue suspension devices, even a prescription snore guard from my dentist, and in all cases there has been one constant, they fall out. Actually, certain ones that involve molding and boiling actually cut up and tear up my gums. Now I bought the NuSleep OTC about a year ago but didn’t try it. It looked to me like another mouth piece gimmick and I decided to hold off until I gave the good morning sleep system a try. After a few months of that I finally gave up after waking up yet another night with the piece smiling at me from my bedside pillow next to me. The molding process on the OTC is a little complicated at first, but once you do it, you realize it’s actually not bad at all. The mold is not a loose mold. It fits securely, and it doesn’t cut my gums at all. There is some excess, but cutting it off wasn’t a bother. But beyond all that. I wore it last night for the first time…and my god it was like the first good nights sleep I’ve had in ages. I slept in until noon. My teeth was super sore, but that’s common after trying a new mouth piece for the first time. My wife was up since 6am with our little one. I asked her if I was a snoring, and she was actually surprised I wasn’t. I have to sleep in my own room because of how bad I snore. And I snore really bad. But last night, not a peep. I’m still a little nervous about the screws on the side. I wish they were connected in such a way that they won’t come off. But so far, this is the only device I have used that works. And that is saying a lot coming from me! I have tried so many I almost lost hope."