SleepMD Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

With all this adjustability there is a down side. This product is not for everyone. Not because this product cannot work on everyone. It can. It is because not everyone has the patience to follow the steps needed to adjust its shape and size when needed. Depending on your teeth it can go simply or may require additional steps to get a proper fit. Even the dental mouthpieces require some adjustments to get them to fit properly. The same is true here.  This is why we provide a free Zoom meeting molding appointment.  Once you receive the device,  email us with the days and times you are available.  We will send you a Zoom meeting appointment.



Nusleep OTC LLC is no longer in business.  The SleepMD Mouthpiece is not available to purchase.

Molded Mouthpiece
Molded SleepMD Molded Mouthpiece shows a good impression of the teeth