Why Tech Support is Crucial to Your Overall Experience

You watched the molding video and still had difficulty!!

Why not take advantage of Free Tech Support? Molding a mouthpiece is a new experience for most of you. Similar to when you purchased your first computer, it wasn’t that easy to load the programs and set up the wifi. Calling support and asking for help was needed. For 15% of you, calling support can be the difference between success and failure.

If you are having difficulty with the process then let me know. If the mouthpiece feels too bulking or uncomfortable then adjustments are needed. You can’t expect to be able to solve all these issues alone. Remember, even if you think you have distorted the mouthpiece beyond repair, it usually will return to its original shape when placed in hot water.

Instructions and MOLDING video cannot answer everything!

Before you give up and ask for a return why not give me a chance to help you. Dr. Hamburg